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Boxing day restaurants for 20-30 people (Georgetown)?

Trying to plan a boxing day get together for 20-25 people. Originally we were trying to get something catered, but it seems we have had trouble finding a place to do it.

Now we are looking into a restaurant that we can all go to that is open on Boxing day and takes large parties.

Any recommendations? (or if you happen to know a caterer that works on Boxing day...)

Location: Georgetown, ON
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Best answer: Have you tried the George? The Shepard's Crook might get a bit tight for that group size but their food is awesome. Georgetown Thai offers catering if you can all squeeze in someone's house. Sorry, all my recommendations are downtown - I don't go to Georgetown South so I have no idea what is down there.

The caterer I know is busy over Xmas, what about contacting Liason College to see if they have some names they can pass on to you?

The Mandarin on Bovaird near Mt Pleasent Go should be open by then; a ten minute drive away but if it snows you have to deal with the Norval hill. The 410/Steeles Mandarin is open regular hours on Boxing Day so they should be too. Otherwise, there is a pretty big selection of restaurants in Brampton, call a few.
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