Firefox XBL binding error
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Mozilla Madness: I've trawled the Firefox forums (posted a few "hope mes") and tried many fixes, but I am continuously getting this error: "No XBL binding for browser." Uninstalling/reinstalling won't cut it, nor will renaming folders. Any thoughts?

As far as extensions, if that may have anything to do with it, I have: Greasemonkey, Spellbound, Metafilthy, and Sage, running build 1.0.6. Thanks!
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Need more clickety???
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Neither link works...heh.

That fix is for a different build, but it may work. If it doesn't, try uninstalling all of your extensions, and then reinstalling Firefox. Reinstall your extensions one by one, closing Firefox after each one.
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You said that "renaming folders" doesn't work, but are you referring to the installation folder (under Program Files) or your profile folder? You need to rename/delete both and start off from scratch.
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I've seen this when the profile is hosed. The best thing to do is nuke the profile or create a new one.
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I've actually had this problem for months. It only occurs when the pc has been on for like 12 hours but when I open everything in new tabs it doesn't bother me hence I've not actually gone to the trouble of a reinstall. I always had a suspicion it was stumbleupon. I'm assuming the first link posted here is the actual fix steps?? moonbird I'd appreciate your confirming what solved the problem. I'd rather soldier on until the answer is confirmed.
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This usually happens when a profile is hosed, as the others mentioned. If you've been using nightlies, or have just overwritten your previous installation, you'll probably encounter this problem sooner or later.

When upgrading firefox, best practice is to completely uninstall, and then reinstall.
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