Trying to find short Japanese animation
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I'm trying to find a short Japanese animation that I saw on youtube several years ago. It was definitely in a science fiction setting. The most memorable aspect was the shifting POV, moving between characters as they fight in a war, with a character becoming the hero or villain immediately after we start to follow someone else.

I got the impression that it was meant to highlight how the story telling medium causes us to root for a character just based on how they are portrayed, and not their actions. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I think it was by a fairly famous animator.
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Hmm... I think it may not be Japanese, but Aeon Flux from MTV.

"War" is the episode title. A link.
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If it had an unimaginably large cast of characters who spent 90% of the time speaking to one another and relied on documentary-style captions to identify them, you were probably watching the very epic Legend of the Galactic Heroes (Warning: TVTropes link).
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The Aeon Flux pilot episode shifts the POV.
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