Boy, is my face red! And blotchy!
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What is a good facial moisturizer for rosacea?

I have mild/early stage rosacea with some chronic redness in my cheeks/broken veins but no acne/bumps/pervasive redness for which I should soon be starting an antibiotic. The rosacea flares up in the dry air of winter - but outdoor exercise and changes in body temperature also seem to make it flare up. Of course, I bike commute year round and live in a cold old Victorian, so I'm always in and out of cold temperatures.

I also need a new facial moisturizer (recommendations for body moisturizers would be fine too, just in case you have some). Recently I've just been using SPF 50 sunscreen, but the incredibly dry air is totally defeating that and my face feels dry all the time.

Other than the rosacea, I have pretty standard white person of Scandinavian descent skin - not super dry, not super oily, not prone to random acne, but prone to irritation and pinkness.

What moisturizer do you recommend? Should it be used in conjunction with sunscreen? If so, how? Price is no object since I use very few beauty products and am comfortable splashing out for something like this.
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I'm in a similar skin situation. I use Cerave PM as a moisturizer and Cerave AM for days when I will be outside. Both are nongreasy and have little smell and do a good job of keeping dryness-related irritation to a minimum.

Neutrogena Clear Face sunscreen also seems to work pretty well for me, applied as needed as a face and body sunscreen.
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From another rosacea sufferer: my dermatologist also vigorously recommends the CeraVe product line. I've also been prescribed Metrogel, but don't find it particularly helpful.
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I'm like you with mild rosacea that is the worst in dry, winter air. I use a combination of prescribed Metrocream (less drying than Metrogel), which goes on first, and then Aveeno Ultra-Calming daily moisturizer with SPF 15. This combo was recommended by my dermatologist and seems to keep me from flaring up so much in winter.
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I have rosacea and I use Paula's Choice products. Specifically this daily moisturizer.
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Fresh soy moisturizer was good for my rosacea. Aveeno is good, but after I use it up, I will go back to Fresh.
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Another vote for Aveeno Ultra-Calming. Great stuff that has really helped my weird skin.
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"Thirding" the acclaim for Cerave - particularly the PM version without sunscreen. Not heavy or greasy or irritating.
(And for meds I've used Metrocream in the past, but am finding Finacea for my rosacea to be much more effective.)
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My dermatologist recommends CeraVe. You can find it in most drugstores. CeraVe AM has 30 SPF sunscreen and should be used every day, regardless of whether you'll be indoors or outdoors or how gloomy it is outside – light doesn't have to come in the form of direct sunlight to do damage.
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I was diagnosed with rosacea last January. I had tried a few products until I found a great derm who introduced me to Elta MD Skincare - UV Facial SPF 30 (for dry skin). I paid, I think, around $25 for 3 oz, but a little bit goes a long way.

I tried CeraVe AM and for whatever reason, it bothered my skin, but CeraVe PM doesn't and I use that in the evening.

Also, I am currently on an antibiotic and spironolactone, which together have worked really well for me.

Good luck - I know how frustrating it can get!
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5thing Cerave. I'm incredibly sensitive and have used it for a few years now. I love the giant jar of cream for body and night use.
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Ok, I just read it more clearly that you are NOT having the bumps, etc. - and that's what I was mainly taking the spironolactone for.
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Seconding Aveeno Ultra-Calming but now intrigued to try out CeraVE.
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I don't use Cerave, but it contains hyaluronic acid, which is just about my favorite thing in the world. This is the number one bestselling skincare item in Japan, for good reason. It's meant to be used sparingly (just a few drops) so one bottle can last you years.
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This Rosacea Control Serum. It's pricy but you don't use much at a time. I use it in conjunction with a drop or two of jojoba oil. It's extremely light, which I prefer during the day. At night I use the serum under UV Repair Cream.
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I don't know if it's available where you are, but I like Ombrelle's SPF 60 sunscreen with mexoryl XL, and Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum at night. Adding another vote for Aveeno Ultra-Calming as well.
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I have rosacea and I use Eucerin Daily Protection SPF 30 moisturizer. I tried the Cerave and day lotion, but didn't like it. The Eucerin is absorbed quickly and I have never had a problem with it.

If you can, shop for these items at Ulta. Ulta has a no-questions-asked return policy. They will issue you a store credit if you bring something back. I did that a few times when I was trying to figure out what to use. My dermatologist has also been very helpful in providing samples upon request of all manner of items--washes, lotions, creams, and medications.

I saw another user say he/she takes spironolactone. I take that, too, and I noticed that after a bit, my oil production on my face went down to almost nothing (not uncomfortably dry, but it wasn't like I had a slick on my face to begin with). With the decrease of oil, my blotchiness went down, too, and so did the bumps. Something to consider for the future. Solodyn has been very effective when I want to look my best for photographs and when the weather gets really bad. It only takes about 5-7 days to get back to clear skin for me.
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I love shea butter (just plain shea butter, not shea butter lotion or shea butter cream or anything with shea butter in. just shea butter.). I had horrible rosacea that everything made worse for ten years, tried shea butter out of desperation one day when my face was incredibly painfully dry and I didn't have anything else - I'd assumed it would be too thick for my face but it was the magic bullet for me. Also good on the rest of the body, also good as lip balm, also good eye cream. I don't use any sunblock, and I'm also in and out of cold temps all the time.
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I have had severe rosacea flares a few times a year in the past. haven't had more than slight redness in 6 months or so though.
I am having a lot of success managing it with olive squalane cut half-and-half with apricot kernel oil. If you want to be super nerdy about herbs like me, you can infuse your apricot kernel oil with calendula. Its amazing for curing any skin problem.
I also take 1 tbsp hemp seed oil (internally, not on my face) as a nutritional supplement. I personally think its really helping.
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