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New York City bachelorette party suggestions, please. I'm helping organize a bachelorette party in New York, where I live, but I tend to frequent dive bars and nasty diners. Hence I have no ideas about fun places for a bunch of girls to hang out.

So I'm the only one in NYC - everyone else is traveling here. There will be 8 or so women, all professional, all early 30s. I only know the bride, and she is like me, reasonably down to earth and not at all "girly". That said, I think we want to embrace the fun girls' night out vibe. We most definitely do not want to be a veil wearing, screeching, obnoxious bachelorette party. So I'd welcome suggestions for fun bars where we can drink girly cocktails, as well as restaurants and clubs. Also other suggestions for day time activities. I mean, I have never even had a manicure, but I have a vague idea that that is something a group of girls might do. We have all weekend.
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The Hudson.
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I happened to be on the website today for Awesome 80s Prom, which states that it is a fun show for bachelorette parties. Not everyone's cuppa tea, surely, but you are in the correct age range for re-enjoying the 80s.

It might help if you get more specific about what kinds of fun you like in terms of bars. Lucky Cheng's is well-known for its bachelorette parties, but if you want to go more off the beaten path, there's the regularly insane foreign vibe of the Bulgarian Bar. You could also do a "celebrate women" night of burlesque (the Wau Wau Sisters are great and the Slipper Room has a regular burlesque schedule.)

Spas are a good idea for a daytime event, as would be attending a parade or street fair or public art event or whatever's happening on the specific weekend everyone's in town. If you search on the dates on a site like Citysearch, you're bound to get some ideas, which you can then present to the other girls and decide together.
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Response by poster: thanks, xo. I didn't think of Lucky Cheng's, and I'm not sure that's the style of the group of girls (for dinner), but maybe I'll take em to Wakiki Wally's later in the evening.

Types of bars: reasonably classy for the start of the night.

The awesome 80s prom idea looks really good.
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Dashing Diva is a very pink, modern nail salon on 8th Street trying for a sort of "Sex and the City" atmosphere. On Thursday and Friday nights, they serve cosmos with your mani-pedi. It's very grown-up-girly, falls under the category of "affordable indulgence," and is fun to do with friends. Be sure to make an appointment, especially for 8 people. (They also have some "party packages" on their site.)
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Sars gave a pretty good answer to this in one of the Vine columns on Tomato Nation. Scroll down to the second question on the page. I think her itinerary sounds like a blast.
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Hah, I was just coming in here to link that Sars answer as well.
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I've never been there, but I understand Beauty Bar (near Union Square) does manicure-cocktail combos.
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