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Where would I be able to get a bottle of Pimm's Winter No. 3 in NYC?

Dinner party coming up with British pals this weekend (amazingly, they know what one is!), and I would love to show up with a bottle of brandy-based Pimm's Winter No. 3.

My online search has been fruitless thus far, and I hope a MeFite will be able to help me find a shop that carries it somewhere in New York City.

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That stuff is seriously awesome mixed into warm apple juice. I'd say I'd try to send a bottle but this weekend is a little tight. I know it's subpar to have a guest bring booze, but if they can grab a bottle at the duty free shop at JFK...?
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A friend who works in the UK beverage industry told me that it's not shipped to shops until the first week in December. So you might be a bit early.
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I would try calling Astor Wines. They're quite big and knowledgeable.
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Astor Wines was my first guess. Warehouse Wine & Liquor is also worth a try.

Maybe try some of those little indie wine & liquor stores in Brooklyn? A lot of them stock more obscure stuff and have close relationships with their distributors/importers.

I wonder if someone at Carry On Tea & Sympathy could hook you up? They're a store that specializes in UK products, though they don't sell liquor. But it's British owned and staffed, and I bet they could tell you where to get some.
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I hate to say this but I think you're out of luck. One of the things I regularly bring as a gift to a friend in San Francisco is a bottle of Pimm's #3 from the UK. He has told me that it simply is not available in the US.

That's not to say that you might be able to track down someone/some small shop/bar that has brought over a small stash. But I don't think that will be easy.

Note that this should not be confused with regular Pimms which is available. Pimms #3, as it is, is only sold during the winter here in the UK and is difficult to find at other times.
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Astor Wine and Spirits carries a bottle of honey rum that I'd previously never once seen outside of SPAIN, so yeah, I'd go there first. It was also claimed to be unavailable anywhere in the US, so I trust them and love them and bring a big suitcase when I come to NY. Good luck!
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Oddly, on the official Diageo site, there's a photo of Pimm's Winter No. 3 but no written description. Vacapinta is probably right in that it will be very difficult if it is not officially distributed here.

I found an online shop that ships from the UK to the USA but the shipping is very expensive, and the bottle probably won't make it in time.

You could also ping Pimm's via Twitter or Diageo to ask, but I'm guessing they just don't distribute #3 in the USA. Please report back if you do find it!
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I don't know what to tell you except, THANK YOU. My husband loves a Pimm's cup and I am now paying an incredible amount for shipping of three bottles from the Whisky Exchange.
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Boohoo, y'all.

My inquiries have led to no joy in Pimmsville. I do appreciate you efforts on my behalf, though! The guy who answered at Warehouse audibly sighed when I asked for it. "Ah, No. 3. Where'd you have it? It is great stuff, isn't it?"

Mulled wine and cider it is, then. I guess I'll try to make up for it by bringing some good cheese. Everyone loves cheese, right? And if they don't, more for me!
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Aw man. I have about an inch left at the bottom of a bottle I brought back from our honeymoon 7 years ago. I don't know why we never finished it, probably because it would have been so sad to have an empty bottle of it!
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Did you ask at the British Import store Myers of keswick? I don't think the sell booze but they may know where to get it.
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Thanks, cestmoi15, but no, they didn't know either. No. 1 is easy peasy to find, though.

I suppose we'll have to start a campaign to get No. 3 into a few shops here in time for next Christmas.
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