Where can we get a corner Christmas tree?
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Help me find a quarter/corner Christmas tree.

My wife and I live in a fairly small home and we have been trying to find an artificial Christmas tree designed to fit in a corner, much like this one from Marks & Spencer.

The problem is that we can't seem to find one like this in Canada (or even online, with a few exceptions that seem to be either permanently sold out or unavailable for shipping to Canada).

Ideally, the tree would be pre-lit with multi-coloured lights (we'd rather it not be pre-lit at all than to have white lights) and between 5 and 6.5 feet tall. We live in Edmonton, AB and would prefer to be able to buy it locally instead of paying for shipping if that is an option.
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That is freaking HILARIOUS.

Not for nothing, but couldn't you buy a regular tree, the kind where you stick the branches in, individually, and just not put them all in?

Here's a really skinny tree at Canadian Tire.

Would that work?
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That's what my dad did, Ruthless Bunny. He bought a little artificial tree and then only put branches in on one side, then hung it on a wall.

No reason you couldn't do that with just 90 degrees of the tree. Though I'd suggest actually putting in 130 degrees of branches (or so) and bending all of them inwards a bit to make it more lush.
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There are also these things (from this recent AskMe). I don't know if that would suffice, and I also don't know if the way they're assembled would allow for a corner presentation like you have in mind. (Also they're made in Canada!)
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but couldn't you buy a regular tree, the kind where you stick the branches in, individually, and just not put them all in?

I imagine the problem with that is the stand for the tree does not fit neatly into the corner. They usually have feet (or a round circle) that sticks out in all directions from the trunk. But maybe you can hang it as seanmpuckett's dad did.
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Here you go
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Empath - That looks perfect, but it doesn't ship to Canada.

And, yes, ethidda is correct about the issue being more with the stand than anything else. Not sure how we'd hand it without mounting it to the wall, though (which is not an option).
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Some cheaper trees have stands you put together yourself out of plastic legs that slide into the center post where the tree goes. Assuming you only put in a quarter of the branches, I think it would be stable against a wall with just two legs.
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These guys seem to ship to Canada.
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Do you have to have a fake tree? Can you buy a triangle tree stand and a real tree, and trim off the branches on one side? You could use the trimmed boughs to decorate!
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blue_beetle - I actually did find that one earlier, but we'd really prefer to have multi-coloured lights rather than white. If they're built-in, great. If not, we'll string our own.
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