Have degree, won't travel (outside Chicago)!
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I've been in school my whole life and now am a licensed psychologist in Chicago. Help me get paid!

Just got my license as a clinical psychologist after doing my post-doc and am looking for a job in Chicago. I've looked in all the usual forums for psychology job openings, sent out resumes, etc., but have only been able to land a part-time teaching gig that doesn't pay much and volunteer work.

Looking for psychology-related full-time work in a professional setting. Would prefer to work with an adolescent or college-aged population, but am open to anything that gives me experience in this field (and pays).

Anyone have ideas or leads for a newly-licensed clinical psychologist (PsyD) in the Chicago area?

(posting for a friend)
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How about college-level counseling? Check the Chronicle of Higher Education (chronicle.com).
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Check out USA Jobs, they have a lot of stuff in Prisons and the VA. (How's that work for you?) You may not get in right away, but apply early and often.

My dad did the VA thing in the sixties after he became an MSW. Paid pretty well, excellent benefits and BOY do you see some stuff. He networked and did some neat stuff in the non-profit secort. After he did 30 years in a series of non-profits, he went back to the federal government for another 10 years living in Europe and Japan on the government's dime. My parents had an AWESOME time. They traveled the world, saved a shit ton of money and now have about 6 pensions between them. Retirement for them is a very cushy endeavor.

Also, check some of the county, city stuff. High School districts, things like that.

Here's a position in a prison.

Here's a 10 hour a week gig.

Is your friend willing to join the Air Force or the Navy? BOY do they have positions!

Here's an On-Call Job.

That's what my cursory search turned up. But there's some decent pickings out there.
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I was just popping in to suggest the VA as well. I was poking around on the VA website to see if there were any Chicago-specific listings. I didn't see any, but it might be worth checking in with the VAs near you as well. There is a huge need for mental health services for folks coming back from deployment and they are going through regular cycles of hiring new people. I was at a VA for my intership and it was a truly amazing experience. Even though I'm a pediatric person now, I would absolutely go back to working there.
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My lab pays a clinical psychologist faculty member as a consultant (and we pay her a lot) to administer and score the WAIS. If you're trained in psychometric evaluation, you can definitely offer your services as a consultant. No idea where to advertise for that sort of thing; I would try to make connections in the experimental or clinical psychology research programs at major universities near you.
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Just read this story in the NYTimes. Although not specific to your question, it seems relevant. tl;dr: build a brand and a niche in order to get clients.
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