Apadravya Experiences Wanted
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Looking to hear experiences with apadravya (NSFW link) or other penis piercings.

I'm considering gussying up my average equipment with some functional decoration, specifically apadravya, but I've some questions. I realize it's painful, but for how long? How much does it hinder oral or anal? Is it important to find a piercer who has done this specific work before? Did it add as much pleasure as it is reputed to? Does it create problems at airport screenings? What are the chances of a severe complication? How many women find them uncomfortable or offputting? Responses from both men and women are helpful, thanks.

(I've looked around the net a bit for this already but some of these specific questions I couldn't find.)
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Speaking as a lady person who has been on, uh, the receiving end of one, they are very nice indeed. Narrowly avoided an embarrassing "The Sweetest Thing" situation, however.
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Speaking as a lady person whose husband had an apadravya at one point, and who knows a lot of genitally pierced people: it is painful (for the pierced person), and you can't have sex of any sort while healing, which can be up to a couple of months. It doesn't really hinder oral, though deep-throating is probably dicey, and anal... most people I know who have had sex with someone with an apadravya have asked them to take it out for anal. Otherwise, it's generally a pleasurable piercing for partners. It will not cause problems at airport screenings with the traditional metal detector, but if you are getting one of the scans it might because they'll be able to see it. You can opt out of the scans, but then you get a pat-down and they may feel it and make you do a private screening - I have a friend with a Prince Albert who had to do this recently.

ABSOLUTELY find a piercer with experience doing apadravyas - this is your penis and I assume you like it, so get someone who knows how to expertly pierce it. Chances of severe complication are much less if you go to an experienced piercer. You will bleed a LOT - there are lots of blood vessels in the genitals and genital piercings in general bleed heavily, but that also helps them to heal. Oh, and the first time you pee afterward will be... interesting. Sit down to pee until you get used to having more than one exit to your urethra.
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One recommendation I've heard from a few pierced friends is that you start with a Prince Albert. An apadravya is basically a PA that "keeps going" through the rest of your penis — or, to be more precise, a PA plus a reverse-PA, with a single piece of jewelry through both holes.

The PA is way lower-commitment than a reverse-PA — reportedly much less painful, heals much faster, etc (though you'll still have to sit to pee) — so the idea is to do the easy part first to get a feel for the experience, and then use that to make an informed decision on whether you're up for the more intense part.
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The PA is about the quickest-healing piercing out there. It does not go through much flesh and there is a lot of blood flow through the region. Also, urination serves to clean the piercing and the jewelry. It is also possible to pee standing up, although it takes a bit of practice and contortion.

Partners seem to either enjoy it or be neutral. The pain, as they say, is momentary, but the pleasure is life-long.

That said, you can expect a fair amount of bleeding for the first day or so, which can be a bit alarming, smaller gauges may pinch, so it's best to go for at least 10 gauge (really active exercise may call for wearing a supporter of some sort) -- this is less of a problem for barbell-type piercings, but those are a little trickier to clean. Also, you need to be on top of your cleaning regimen; this is not a place where you want even a small infection.

Piercings usually do not set off metal detectors except at the largest gauges (imagine the problems with earrings if they did...).
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All of that said, you are putting a permanent hole in your genitalia. If you remove the jewelry, it will close up but it may never "heal," if you a) have reasonably large jewelry and b) you wore it through the initial healing. That shouldn't necessarily be a deterrent, but you should realize that this is a serious decision.
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EMLA is a very effective anaesthetic if used as directed (ie covered with plastic-wrap/cling-film and given one hour to absorb). When used for an apadravya (or an ampallang) and an additional application of lidocaine is added to the urethra there is very little painful sensation (often no sensation at all) during the procedure. It is available OTC in Canada, the UK, and Australia or by prescription in the US (or it can be ordered online).

HOWEVER if you google for "emla genital mucosa" you will find that it is simultaneously used very effectively on genitalia AND not recommended for genitalia. I've forgotten exactly why that is.

Proper sizing is essential. Most men start with a barbell that is a few millimetres loose and, after sufficient healing, prefer one that is just a few millimetres tight (when erect).

Titanium jewellery results in faster healing than steel, and in this case it's certainly worth the extra cost. PTFE jewellery results in even faster healing and I would recommend that, although PTFE barbells in 10ga (2.4mm) and larger can be hard to find.

As they can bleed a lot when done and for a few days after, I would suggest NOT getting drunk either before or a day or so after.
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TMI alert.

I enjoy it. If you don't like the piercing, you can always take it out. The holes close very quickly, and it's not too seriously painful to re-pierce.

Definitely find a piercer who is familiar with apadravyas, in a shop that feels clean. If you give a location, maybe some of us can give recommendations.

You may be fitted with a longer barbell to accommodate for swelling, so make sure to size down later. Otherwise you may experience increased chances of snag on underwear, sheets, lips, teeth etc.

I originally got pierced at 12g, had stretched it to 10g 4 months later (pro piercer and taper) and plan to stretch to 8g next year. The inital piercing took maybe 10 seconds, pain and adrenaline rush can skew time, so it might have been 5. No anesthesia or EMLA for me. Bleeding lasted for 2 or 3 days. I wore briefs with maxi pads. Morning wood and other random boner events were uncomfortable for maybe 3 weeks, if that. It's not wise to play with yourself or others for definitely the first week, probably the first 3 weeks if you really want to let that fistula heal. Aftercare, or consistent aftercare is directly related to comfort. Saline or sea salt soaks at least 2x a day for 10-15 minutes reduces lymph (crusties) and dried blood.

The positioning of the jewelry during sex "wiggles" and is definitely noticeable to me. Oral is fun, handjobs will probably benefit from different techniques. I've only been with 1 girl since having it and she is indifferent, and we haven't tried anal. Post-climax can result in a full-body tingling sensation that can last for nearly an hour or more for me... nothing short of exquisite. Everyone's anatomy is different so YMMV.

Follow your piercer's recommendation; I did, but would rather have started off at 8g, as each stretch is just more time and pain. The thicker the bar, the more easily the pressure is spread throughout the tissue, and the more comfortable it will be.

Airports have been no issue. I'd think zippers/buttons/rivets in jeans have more iron than a stainless steel barbell.

Make sure you eat and stay hydrated before you get pierced. You don't want to pass out. Peeing helps speed up the healing process. I had 1 beer the same evening after getting pierced, it would be wise to NOT DRINK ALCOHOL the day before or during healing. It is not worth the pain. It felt like a hammer smashed the tip, AND I pissed razor blades.
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How many women find them uncomfortable or offputting?

I don't have any penis piercings. But I was considering my options for a while, on and off, and talked about it with all the women I dated during that time. Two were excited by the idea, a couple were neutral, and the rest expressed very strong opposition, even disgust, to the idea. Now, talking about it is different than falling for someone and then finding out that they have a surprise in their pants, and I'm not going to make the slightest pretense that this is a scientific survey.

But my take away was that it would definitely be an issue when dating. That could be a bad thing (ie harder to find a partner) or a good thing (ie quick and easy filter for someone open to things that are important to you), but either way it's a thing, you know?

(The needing to sit while peeing thing was what really stopped me, for what that's worth. It's a small issue, but I could imagine it become a hassle over time.)
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