Where can I find m83's Setlist?
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Anyone know where I can find a setlist for m83's 10/7/2012 Charlotte concert?

I have been searching for the setlist and have been so far unsuccessful. They played a song that sounded like it would be from the movie TRON, but I know for certain it is not their remix of Fall off the OST. Anyone have any ideas?
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Best answer: Any chance it was A Guitar and a Heart? Parts of it sound Tron-ier than the album version. If not, maybe check some of the other youtube clips.
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I can't imagine he changed his set list on the tour, but there's a bootleg from Washington, D.C., just a few weeks later with the following set:

01- Intro 06:50
02- Midnight City 04:42
03- Teen Angst 04:48
04- Kim and Jessie 05:17
05- Year One, One UFO 03:51
06- Wait 05:49
07- We Own The Sky 04:44
08- Steve McQueen 04:03
09- Claudia Lewis 06:22
10- Guitar and A Heart 05:32
11- Outro 04:45
12- Skin of the Night 06:06
13- Couleurs 10:15
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This review looks to contain the complete setlist.
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there's a bootleg from Washington, D.C., just a few weeks later with the following set

That's from 2011, btw.
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Setlist.fm has setlists for recent shows. Not that one specifically, but for the shows on 10/6 and 10/11, so you may be able to figure out by elimination.
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Response by poster: YOU. GUYS. ARE. AWESOME.

paperback version got it!
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