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Ten years or so ago, I played (the predecessor to) this now defunct quiz. Basically, there was a list of questions each week. You answered as many as you could and emailed in your answers with explanations/justifications (plus an entry fee of a question for a future quiz). Is there something similar out there now?

The entertaining thing was that each of the questions were basically puzzles to be solved, some explicitly so (I remember being bad at these) and some you had to 'solve' to make the question google-able. Oh and any picture-based question was a total nightmare. There were few questions obvious enough that one would know the answer offhand.
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Perhaps The Springfield Quiz League? It looks like the 3rd season has finished running, but there may be a fourth.

(Your link is blocked at my work, so I can't see what kind of questions your quiz had. The description matches, though. More puzzly than knowledge-y, if you know what I mean.)
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You might be interested in the puzzle thing Ken Jennings recently did with the Smithsonian. It's not an ongoing thing like the quiz you describe but it sounds like some of the puzzle mechanics might be similar.

He does have a weekly quiz he sends out by email, as well, but it's just straight up trivia.
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