should my eyes water when I poop
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My eyes water when I poop. Is this normal?

Or at least not rare?
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Is it because you're straining or because the smell is so heinous?

If it's because you're straining, eat more fiber or try a stool softener.

If it's the other, see a doctor.
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Or does it hurt? Haemorrhoids maybe?
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Runny nose and watery eyes are fairly common in association with pooping. The parasympathetic nervous system is weird.
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Normal. And that's all I have to say about that.
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It has been known.
(in best Alan Rickman voice)
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Yeah, sorry, not with you on this one.
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my nose is running when I poop, so I think that watery eyes are somewhat related and fairly normal...
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Here are the auto-completes Google furnished when I searched for "bowel movements make me":

feel sick

There was only one auto-complete for "when I shit I start":

speaking in tongues

Seconding Monsieur Caution here.
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