Douglas Hofstadter Jams
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What piece of (to my ear, impressionist) music is Douglas Hofstadter playing on the piano midway through this video here? What is the intro piece?
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I think the intro piece is something I've heard before. My guess would be Bach, something from the Partitas or English Suites or French Suites. Don't recognize the other one at all; Satie, perhaps?
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The intro piece is indeed Bach: the first movement (Allemande) from the French Suite No. 1 in D Minor, BWV 812.
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KathrynT and I have been having a dilly of a pickle trying to figure out the other one. It sounds awfully like Satie, but nothing came up.

I wonder if it might be one of the pieces he composed himself? The CD is out of print, but here's what seems to be the track listing.
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