Can anyone recommend a flameless pillar candle that flickers realistically, has a timer function, and doesn't glow orange?
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I just bought some flameless candles from Pottery Barn that look great when turned off, but disappointingly, the light they emit is very orange instead of a more realistic yellowish glow. After reading what feels like hundreds of reviews on Amazon in search of the perfect flameless pillar, it seems like the orange issue is common to many brands. I'm looking for something relatively small, preferably around 2 x 4 inches in a white or ivory color that I can set to turn on automatically at the same time every evening for 5 or so hours. Anyone have one that they love?
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Best answer: I got mine a couple of years ago from and LOVE them! They look very real in color to me and seem to get great reviews.
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Best answer: Yeah, we got some from qvc too and really like them.
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Best answer: My mother also has the QVC ones and I have to admit they look good and I'm definitely not a candle person.
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Response by poster: Awesome, thanks you guys!
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