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Where can I buy colored/patterned men's socks for cheap? (extra points for somewhere on Amazon.)

I like socks that are other than solid black, white, or gray. Is there somewhere I can buy, maybe, a big ol' grab bag of such? I can't afford to pay $4-5 for a single pair of socks. I have a gift card for Amazon, so anywhere there would be great.
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I buy all my dress socks at Target. They have many variations on three pattern socks for $6.49 (in house brand Merona).
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The dollar store near my house has argyle socks in all kinds of colors. Cheap.
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What about $2.50 a pair? Uniqlo always has a great selection of colorful men's socks.
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The clue is in the title of the post!
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Sorry, got so excited about colorful patterned socks that I didn't see the price limit.
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What size socks do you wear? Costco has packs of colorful socks in "women's" sizes (sneering quotation marks because I'm a woman and they don't fit me).
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I'd second the Uniqlo socks. They are really nicely made and in fun colors.
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