Vegetarian gravy mix?
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For years, McCormick Hunter Sauce was my preferred gravy mix packet for holiday meals. It has been discontinued. Can you recommend a good vegetarian brown gravy mix?

I liked this because 1) It was (lacto-ovo) vegetarian, 2) It was dead easy to make, 3) It was fairly easy to obtain. It was a mushroom flavored brown sauce that I could whip up easily to accompany stuffing/potatoes/etc. and leftovers of same. I'm not averse to ordering online but easy as gravy may be to you, making from some sort of scratch is not really an option for me. Knorr's Hunter contains beef fat. Not averse to non-mushroom flavored gravy. Any ideas?
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Simply Organic vegetarian brown gravy. Caveat: I haven't tried this myself, but every other of their spice packets I've used have been really good and really easy. If you have Wegmans, Whole Foods, or the like around where you live, you should find it there. I have seen them at other grocery stores, but it's hit and miss.
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I've used Hain vegetarian brown gravy mix a lot. I've been able to find it in grocery stores in the gravy packet area or in the natural foods aisle. It's solid with mashed potatoes.
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Ditto on the Hain vegetarian brown gravy. Delicious and super-easy to make, impossible to mess up. I've seen it at Whole Foods but we like it so much we ordered the bulk pack from Amazon.
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I obtained and made the Hain vegetarian brown gravy and it worked. I'd prefer it to be a bit thicker/heartier so next time I'm going to use less water and throw some dried mushrooms in there. I also bought some other brand in the health food store and will try that for Christmas or before. If the thread is still open, I'll update again.
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Have now tried Road's End Organic Shiitake Mushroom Gravy. Nice thickness, more "chicken-y."
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