Like, but without the $12/month fees?
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What alternatives are there to I'm looking for the RSVP and calendar functions, but without the $144 annual fees to run a group.

I'm a member of a small but active OpenStreetMap group. We get maybe six regulars to the monthly Mappy Hour, and a couple of visitors. The visitors always find us through Meetup.

We don't make heavy use of Meetup's other features, so the fees are a bit steep for a small group. Are their cheaper alternatives to Meetup that people might still be able to use to find us? I'm aware of BigTent, but am unsure about how well known it is.
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Google calendar?
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You could post your events to sites like couchsurfing and internationals/expat groups.
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Eventbrite for the RSVP and calendar, and a free blog for the rest of the info? Meetup is still the main way people find such events in my city, though.
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We're actually porting our group from Meetup over to Facebook for the same reason and it seems to be working for us.
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Response by poster: I'm not sure if everyone would go with the Facebook option; several members aren't on it.
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I was also going to suggest Google Calendar. It does invites and tracks RSVPs.
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Response by poster: I was just alerted to GroupSpaces, which seems to do all I'd want.
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