"You have insufficient experience and character and hit points for creating that online game!"
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I'd like to create an online board game, sort of a cross between Life and an RPG. If this could ultimately be ported into mobile apps, even better. Program suggestions?

The premise would be that you'd form a party from preset characters with different attributes. You go around the the board and are randomly assigned different tasks or turn-based fights, and roll dice to exceed a certain score. Along the way you gain or lose the usual hit/character points. Sort of an "RPG lite."

The extent of my scripting experience is modifying templates for mIRC games and javascript randomizers/interactive graphics.

I guess on the low end, I'd settle for starting out with a browser-based one-player interactive fiction/text adventure format, but a snazzy turn-based multi-player app (like Words with Friends/Draw Something) would be ideal.

I've casually glanced at Scratch, Game Maker, TADS, and Quest. But I'd like to know what would be the easiest to get into before I dive into anything. Thanks in advance.
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Start with VASSAL while you work out the graphics and gameplay. Move on to something else when you have a better idea of your needs and have the gameplay nailed down.
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