Andriod apps for senior citizens?
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I'm looking for ecommendations for Android apps for my Grandfather-in-Law. Snowflakes inside.

Hi Mefites, my Grandfather-in-Law is about to become the proud owner of a Nexus 7. I've been charged with loading it up with stuff to keep his interest in it and stop it becoming an expensive paperweight. Has anybody got any recommendations for interesting, helpful or otherwise generally useful apps for him?

Snowflakes: he's 94 but in decent shape mentally. He's Welsh. He was a Para in the war. He worked in mental health for the NHS afterwards. He likes talking about the war, magic, martial arts, music and the Daily Mail. His daughter now lives in Germany. He's never used a tablet before, but teaching him how to use it isn't my problem thankfully.

Things that are already loaded on: Skype, Flow, Piano.

So, anybody got any good ideas?
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History and martial arts podcasts in a preloaded podcatcher. Puzzle games like quell that don't require speed, just wits. Netflix and YouTube.
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