Oh my lord I love this song; help me find it again!
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I just heard the most amazing song on a streaming radio station from France! The song was in English, but there was no identification, and googling the bits of lyrics I could understand got me nowhere. Can you help me figure it out?

Lyrics bits: "J-E-S-U-S," various bits about loving your neighbor, "we needn't specify" (that, along with spelling out J-E-S-U-S, seemed to be the refrain), something about a recipe that involved chocolate. That's all I've got. The male singer had a very distinctive warbly voice that distorted the words so much that at first I didn't realize it was English, and there were other folks in the background (including one guy who shouted "Praise the Lord" at the end). The song was very upbeat and had lots of horns (yay! I love horns!). I heard it on FIP. I could not figure out how to find a playlist on their site; if you can, that would be helpful. (I'm listening via the link on their main page that says "Ecoutez le direct".)

Despite all the Jesus references, it did not strike me as a religious song, but rather a song referencing religious tropes in a non-religious way.

It is an incredible song and using my AskMe question for this is totally worth it.
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Playlist archives here. Was it Larry Graham?
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FIP Playlists. When you say warbly, it makes me think of Devendra Banhart, but he's not listed.
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Hmmm, it looks like they don't have the most recent songs up on the playlist ("Is you is or is you ain't my baby" was a few songs before the amazing one, and "Sweet Home Chicago" came a few songs after it.) And nothing's showing up for today yet (as it's well after midnight in France). I will check again later! (I also tweeted at FIP; perhaps they'll respond.)
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Could it be something by Half-Handed Cloud? The whimsy sound and the JESUS and the warbly-ing make me think of them.
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It's gotta be Chocolate Jesus. Tom Waits. Great song.
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Ah no, wait, upbeat, with horns... hmm...
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Jil is lucky - J.E.S.U.S. said
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THAT'S IT!!¬°!

Did you just know the song or did you find it somehow?
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The studio version (which is what I heard) seems not to be on YouTube, but I did find it on Amazon.
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Album version is on spotify here if it helps :)
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I didn't know this group; Google didn't seem to list results with the word specify with the following search: [J-E-S-U-S specify lyrics]. So I used [J-E-S-U-S "specify" lyrics] and voilà :)
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