Google Nexus 7 - what am I missing?
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Google Nexus 7 - what am I missing?

A couple of weeks ago google doubled the storage in the nexus 7s. I can now get a 16GB one for £159 direct from google. Looking at other online stores though, they're still selling the old 16GB ones for £189 (claiming a discount of £10). I expected stores to reduce the prices by now - why would anyone pay £189 for something they could get for £159? (on amazon they're going for over £200!)

As far as I can tell they've stopped selling the 8GB, started selling the new 32GB ones and knocked £10 off the old 16GB ones. Most online stores I've looked at have only a £10 difference in price between the 16Gb and 32GB now.

Am I missing something? Are they just trying to get rid of stock they bought at the higher price hoping customers are uninformed?
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They may themselves not even know - individual stores don't dictate policy and the brick&mortar retailers in the US like Office Depot are not known for aggressive pricing and internet price matching. But I'm assuming they're hoping consumers don't know any better.
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I just noticed this today myself, Amazon is doing the same thing. You would assume their pricing would be a bit more dynamic, particularly since user reviews are warning people off this pricing due to the new product release.
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  • Some people prefer to buy from a store
  • Stores have inventory to kill
  • Even if you buy the old one, you get a 25 dollar rebate
  • Their is imperfect knowledge in the market

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These are specifically online stores. What rebate?
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I think devnull is referring to the $25 / £15 Google Play credit to spend on apps etc. which came with the first bunch of N7s. Go for the 32 gig - I sort of wish I'd waited for it - but be aware that Google will also charge you a tenner for p&p.
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As I understand it the Google Play credit was only if you bought direct from google and the offer expired weeks ago. My dad is buying if for my mum for christmas, he can only afford the 16GB

I was hoping other stores would match google's pricing so I could save the £10 on shipping but with more than 250 still left in stock and only £10 difference between 16GB and 32GB, I really don't see ebuyer shifting them all before christmas. Ah well, its only £10, just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything and the old 16GB were better than the new 16GB (which are just the upgraded 8GB) or something
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