Cheap or free mental health services in Seattle?
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Are there free/low-cost mental health services available in the Seattle area?

My best friend is feeling very depressed. She's been unemployed for 6 months now and really wants to talk to somebody, but she can't afford it. Are there services available to her at reduced cost or free? She quit her job, so she has no unemployment benefits. She substitutes at a local school, but has no full time work.

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Many of the medical clinics in the Neighborcare system have mental health services and the services are sliding scale. When I lived in Seattle I was on the board of the 45th Street Clinic and found it to be a wonderful place to get sliding scale dental care (also one of those people is a MeFite). I haven't used their mental health services, but a phone call to them would let you know if this was something they could handle, or they could give you/your friend a referral to a place that could help them.
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Seattle's Women's Commission has several resources listed.
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YWCA has free counselors for women.
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Country Doctor on 19th and Republican might also be a resource to consider. They have Behavioral Health Services available. They'd also be good for a yearly physical, and since this is Seattle we're talking about here, she very well could have a Vitamin D deficiency. It's not a total cure for the depression, but getting it treated certainly couldn't hurt, and the supplements are cheap.
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Here's a list of counseling services with sliding scales in the Seattle area.
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Center for Human Services in Shoreline, one mile north of Seattle.
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Crisis Clinic if she needs to talk to someone right now.
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