How to reset the technician password on a Samsung OfficeServ 7400
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How do I reset the technician password of a Samsung OfficeServ 7400 phone system?

Recently, I got my hands on a Samsung OfficeServ 7400 dirt cheap at a "going out of business" sale. I've acquired and set up the management software for this phone system, and it's powered up and has an address on my LAN. The only problem is I don't know the technician password. I don't want to completely reset the phone system and lose all the programming, since what is already programmed in there is the perfect testbed for my purposes. I want to reset the technician password ONLY. I know from having seen this machine serviced by various techs that resetting the technician password is possible to do from a connected handset, however it appears to be some kind of secret and the info isn't anywhere online. Does anyone know the answer?
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Telephone Central yielded the following. This procedure is similar for most manufacturers. Since you bought it at a going out of business sale, you could provide the receipt and a description and see what they say:

For legal reasons, Samsung requires the following procedure be followed to reset the technician password to the factory default. The password can be reset to the default value without defaulting the whole system. To do this Samsung has to have:
On the customer's letterhead we need a letter stating that Telephone Central is the authorized vendor they wish to have working on their equipment.
On Telephone Central's letterhead we need a letter stating that the technician doing the password default is a technician who works for your company.
Fax both of these documents to 972-792-2100, and have the technician call Samsung technical support, and we can default the password on this switch in about 5 minutes by entering a series of commands on a telephone.

If that system was originally registered to a customer who owed the vendor money, they may be unwilling to do this for you. Not sure what their policy would be. Note that if you wanted to use someone OTHER than Telephone Central, the policy would be the same. Since this system is "in the wind" so to speak, it probably won't matter who you use.

Also, the default password, according to some other manuals I dug up indicates that it's "4321" and that it's changed in MMC 801. Make sure that MMC 800 enables the Technician account, too.

I found this on a related model - not the Officeserv 7400, but if Samsung is anything like NEC or Toshiba in their design, they'll use the same PW. The default password may also be "Samsung" - but again, this may not be default anyway.

Often, dealers will use the same code on all the systems they install, and it's usually something easy for the techs to remember, like the last 4 digits of the company phone number or 4 digits of the address or something like "T-E-C-H" spelled out in alphanumerics, so you might be able to hack it with a little digging on the history of the box.
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Thanks for your suggestions, in the end, since the password is 4 digits, I simply brute forced it. It took awhile, but I finally got the code by working my way up from 0000.

For anyone who might stumble onto this question in the future, an excellent resource for phone systems like this can be found at the Sundance Communications Forum There are a lot of friendly phone techs there who'll help you out.
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