Looking for music book author Roger Edison
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As a favor for a friend I'm trying to find contact information on Roger Edison, who has written or edited a number of guitar and music books for Alfred over the years. Most of his books are long out of print, unfortunately. Web searches have proven fruitless and I was unable to get anything useful from Alfred themselves. He has been producing books since at least the 70s but I've only actually been able to get my hands on one and there was no information on the author in it. Any pointers to either Edison himself or where I might want to look would be appreciated.
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"Roger Edison" is apparently a pseudonym used by Dan Fox. Dan Fox is more forthcoming with his autobiography, as here.

I am kind of in awe that the two most prolific arrangers of popular music for learners that I am aware of are the same person. This is real Lionel Fanthorpe territory.
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Oh my, that's great! I'm surprised that Alfred didn't know/want to divulge this information. Sending this to my friend as we speak. Thanks!
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Abebooks.com seems to have a number of his books....
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Sidhedevil, I was able to find a music publishing business that he owns in Tarpon Springs, FL that has contact info. Thanks for making this possible.
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