good eats in Buffalo?
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Recommendations for good, inexpensive restaurants or caterers for a Buffalo, NY wedding? Brunch or hors d'ouevres type menus preferred.

I've just booked my venue and date for my wedding next year - yay!
Now I have to feed about 50 people. Our venue allows you to bring in any caterer you want.

The wedding will be on a Sunday, and I'd prefer doing either a brunch or a cocktail-party type thing with food stations or hors d'oeuvres, rather than a full dinner. Dinner would be OK, if affordable, but definitely buffet style. We are definitely a laid-back wedding - I don't care about white gloves or butlers.

I know that restaurants are often cheaper than a caterer, and I'm totally OK if they just drop off food and disposable plates. But I'm not familiar with restaurants in Buffalo, and it's harder to find restaurants that also offer catering online.

So please tell me if you attended or planned a wedding in Buffalo, or just ate some good food there once!

*We already visited the Pearl St Grill in Buffalo and, while delicous, they unfortunately don't do off site catering.
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I recommend catering from Joe's Deli on Hertel. Excellent food, quite competitive pricing, and arranged for precisely the minimal staffing we wanted with ease. Set it up for us at a pavilion we reserved at Beaver Island State Park. Prompt, polite, energetic. We were completely happy.
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Charlie the Butcher does low-key catering; they will do drop off or a full-service staff and carving station.

Most of the catered events I have been to in Buffalo have been catered by Wegmans. I don't know how you feel about having a supermarket cater, but locals are crazy about Wegmans. I've had better, but I've had much, much worse from fancy restaurants and catering companies.
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Seconding Wegmans, though if you want finger foods in Buffalo you should include some wings from Duff's. Though the Anchor Bar has the most famous wings, Duff's are just plain better.
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I live in Buffalo.

Oliver's. Probably the fanciest.

Panaro's. Italian.

Rich Products. Local corporation, but you'd be supporting local business.

The Lunch Box.

Have fun!
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Kentucky Greg's Hickory Pit
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Oh also:
The Globe Market
Mazel Tov, by the way!
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