What to wear and from the pools at a clothing-optional hot spring?
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I am going to a clothing-optional hot spring and need some suggestions on what to wear to the pools before disrobing. Ideally, I would have a nice robe but I don't, and I am trying to avoid getting one just for this occasion (and I am also strapped for time before I leave). I know that I am over thinking this, but I do have some hang ups about public nudity and would like to have the least amount of stress involved getting from the cabin and into the heavenly waters. I am a woman, and the temperatures are going to be quite chilly, not freezing temperatures, but soggy cold rains.
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A nice big bath towel / bath sheet will probably do you nicely.
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Might be worth bundling up a decent amount to/from the cabin; soggy cold rains are awesome weather for getting hypothermia even if it's not actually that cold plus sweatpants or whatever will definitely keep you covered without slipping or making you feel awkward. Have a great time!
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I would probably wear a sweatshirt and some sort of lounge/pajama/sweat pant with nothing underneath either. Warm, easy to change into and out of, fully covered.
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comfy sweatshirt, huge comfy tshirt, sweatpants, plus easy to slip on/off shoes. depending on the fanciness level of where you are going, they may even have robes available -- so you could also call and ask what people do/bring!
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Hi. I actually went to a clothing optional hot springs with my daughter and her boyfriend. (At her request, for her birthday.) I don't love being naked in public either, but the thing to know is - people do an amazing job of pretending nothing is amiss.

What you want is something warm that's easily taken off/put back on with the least amount of fuss possible. For me, that turned out to be a bathrobe and outdoor slippers. Sweats take longer to pull on/off, cling when damp, and tend to leave you more exposed in more compromising positions when dressing.

I wouldn't get anything fancy, but I think it's worth the time to do a quick shop if you can manage it. I'm actually envious. Have fun!
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If you're not comfortable being naked you can wear a bikini or swimsuit. In my experience a lot of people will wear bottoms even if they're topless.
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In my relatively limited experience with nudist facilities, I've found that it's OK to wear a swim suit or other cover-ups if you're not comfortable being fully nude, as well. Sometimes nudists have husbands/wives who are less into the lifestyle than their partners, after all. If you're there for long enough, odds are good that you'll become more comfortable over time. But I can't imagine anyone will pick on you if you do choose to wear something in the hot spring.
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Is this something like Breitenbush (western Oregon forest, usually drizzly and grey this time of year)? In that case, you'll want something warm so you don't get chilled on your way back to your cabin; a fleece pullover and a pair of yoga pants would work, along with a towel for a quick dry so your pants go on quickly. The last thing you want is to be nice and warm, and then go hypothermic on your way between hot spring and heated indoor space.
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I do hot springs all the time and find robes work best. It doesn't have to be special or fancy; just pick one up at Target. If this is the kind of place where there are multiple pools, I think you will be much happier in a robe than in a top and sweatpants, which would be far more awkward to be taking on and off in front of others. Nthing that it is not unusual to see people in swimsuits even at clothing-optional hot springs, at least in Colorado. Also, call first -- some places have robes for rent.
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Target has a ton of nice fleecy robes right now for $20-$30. If you do go the sweatpants route, get a very baggy, warm pair (from the men's section?) since it's not very fun to put on tight clothes when you're damp.
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Can you borrow a robe from a friend?
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Robes are great for outdoor hot springs, because you can put them on faster and less awkwardly than any other garment. Normally I hate fleece, but a fleece robe is ideal here because it will be warm even if slightly damp from drizzly weather.
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... and if you don't have a robe, a casual dress that you can pull over your head is the next best thing. I don't like putting on pants or sweats if I'm outside trying to get dressed quickly, because it's hard to keep the legs from dragging on the ground and getting wet or grubby, especially if there's nothing to sit on.
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I, too, am wondering if you're going to Breitenbush. When I went there I wore just a long terrycloth bathrobe and rain boots -- sexxxy! -- when going from my cabin to the tubs, plus I carried a towel. That way I was warm and dry while walking, but could quickly get into the springs and not have to strip down while out there, balancing on one foot in the slush.

You say you don't have a nice robe but I wouldn't've wanted a fancy robe there; some cheap-o one from Target or a thrift store would be fine.
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Yes, you all guessed right, I am, indeed, going to Breitenbush. I managed to get a lot of work done this morning and made a trip out to the mall and found a terry robe on sale. The sweatpants option seemed like a good possibility, but I agree that going from pool to pool and trying to struggle on and off damp pants could be challenging on so many levels. I can just see myself careening off balance with one pant leg off.

A robe, towel and rain boots will be the gear.

Thanks everyone!
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