What (70s?) Western follows two first time robbers, they're short a horse and one steals a puppy he can't feed?
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I saw a western on TCM in Europe a few months back, but can't find it on their listings at all. It had two guys who worked for a mining or railroad company, maybe a rancher, I came in in the middle. Seems like they decided to suddenly steal the pay for the company, maybe because they hated the boss. While they're hiding in a nearby house, the younger guy takes one of the puppies from a new litter. That causes some absurd drama, because they don't know how they're going to feed it. They also have to get a second horse, but only end up with a mule. The sons of the rancher (I think, maybe bank owner? I don't know) vow to track them down and get the money back. The robbers are sort of comic, sort of sad characters, so you empathize with them, but the sons of the (banker? rancher?) have the more traditional Western heroic story.
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Was Robert Duvall in it?
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Try IMDB's keyword search: eg. "Payroll" Western Movies.
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Best answer: Wild Rovers [imdb], by Blake Edwards, with William Holden and Ryan O'Neal as the cowhands-turned-bank robbers, and Tom Skerritt and Joe Don Baker as the sons of rancher Karl Malden.
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