Help me buy a hammock!
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Help me buy a hammock!

I would like to buy my husband a hammock and hammock stand for Christmas. I'd like to do it online, preferably on Amazon. I know diddly squat about hammocks.

Are there certain brands that are particularly well-respected? Do you have a durable and comfortable hammock to recommend and/or a hammock stand?

My only requirement is that it have a 400 pound weight capacity (so that two people can use it at once).
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I received as a gift, and very much enjoy, the quilted hammock from Outer Banks Hammocks. They also make polyester rope hammocks (on the same site), and hammock stands. I think they're generally well-reputed and well-reviewed. They meet your weight limits as well.
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Thanks willbaude. You have reminded me, that hammock contains some other elements that I want that I should have specified - it's quilted and has spreader bars.
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I think Twin Oaks is pretty much the coin of the realm. Hand made. My brother still has one from like 35 years ago.
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I inherited my dad's Hatteras Hammock from the 70's and it is fantastic. About four years ago, we bought a second one, this time a quilted hammock, and the quality is just as good. We do take them in during the winter, but the rest of the year they just live outdoors. They're a little bit more expensive, but so very worth it.
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We love our Pawleys Island Hammock. It is very comfortable and has held up well for many years. Ours is a polyester rope hammock hung from posts on our deck, but their website shows several options, sizes and stands. They may be available for less from resellers.
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One thing I know about hammocks: you don't want one with spreader bars if you want to actually use it without slipping out. I know it sounds crazy, but there it is.

You better head over to Reddit and check out the hammock information over there. And no, I'm not kidding.
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Agreed - Twin Oaks is great! I think they are maybe the only hammock-manufacturer whose product is entirely made in the U.S.
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I have an Amazonas one that I like a lot. No spreader bars on mine, although I believe they make ones with 'em (I don't use a stand either, but this one is pretty neat-looking.)
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