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I'm looking for an online dictionary (or even a simple list) of zoot-suit (Pachuco) culture/era slang. My Google-fu is weak. Help?

I grew up in LA in the '90s, so I'm fine with a lot of modern Latino slang (though I'm a few years out of touch, naturally). However, I'm looking for stuff from the 1940s specifically. Authenticity is a big deal for me here.
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Try this: Cab Calloway's Hipster Dictionary
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Also, do a YouTube search for Al Jazzbo Collins - there are a couple of fairy tale recordings that use that style - might give you some ideas.
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If you're looking specifically for Pachuco slang, try searching for Calo.
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You might find some handy academic articles from the time period through this paper.

There are some terms here.

Some interesting history and maybe some examples here.

You might watch some old movies by Germán Valdés. Some snippets of video.

This book might have examples.

Some search terms to try are jerga pachuco, caló, dichos pachucos, and pachuquismo.
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