Help me find an iPhone app for logging workouts (no pen & paper, please!)
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iPhone workout logging question I'm looking for a fairly precise logging app for workouts – particularly weight training for the iPhone. Let me log with minimal taps and enter my own workouts.

What I want: An App where I can take my prebuilt workout, it shows me a list of weights and reps, along with seat positions (for those exercises that have it.)

Ideal: A scrollable list (no/minimal tapping between sets/exercises) that I can increment/decrement reps and check off that it's accomplished. Then move onto the next execise/set, with minimal taps on my phone.

I'm assuming that my workouts will have to be custom entered, as all of the apps that I've looked at have none of the exercises I have access to (Nautilus machines, Medex machines, Hammer machines, and X-Force.) I'm fine with that. I can tell that I'm going to have to input my exercises manually.

That's the minimum of what I want/need. Bonus features; quick reordering, duplication, notes (problems, mood)

Things like Export, online tracking are nice, but not as vital as pure ease of record keeping itself.

Things that are superfluous: 'scoring points', sharing with facebook/twitter, seeing videos of 'how to', seeing other people's workout routines.
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I really like Fitocracy and have used the iphone app successfully for weight training. You can create a workout and pull it up every time, tweak the weights easily, then save.
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Response by poster: I looked at Fitocracy and didn't feel like it produced an 'easy' entry system for my reps (and keeping details like seat positions.) Am I wrong on this?
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I think it's pretty easy! All the other apps frustrate me, but I find it really intuitive for all kinds of workouts. It has a wide selection of them, too. I could try to walk you through it, but it's got 5 stars, over 400 reviews on the app store, and it's free. Maybe play with it before taking it to your workout?
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Response by poster: Fitocracy is so-so. I just dug into it again.
Staring a workout (or setting it up) is fine.
But lots of sliding up and down and 'back' button presses (I know xactly how many reps I'm shooting for each exerciseofeach workout. I just need to confirm or correct)
It looks like you have to create new exercises online(?) when the app doesn't have them?
Nothing for seat positions.

This isn't about great reviews - it's about user interface. I'm looking to "beat" pencil and paper - a straight list. I can't be the only person who wants this.
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Check out Gym Hero.
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Response by poster: Holy crap Chalwawa. This might be gold here.
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My YMCA recently installed weight machines all hooked into the Fitlinxx system, where reps, chair positions, min and max range, speed, weight, etc, are all tracked electronically and the data goes to their database. Your question made me curious about whether this could be tied into my (your) phone, and preliminary investigation points to yes. So, maybe it's possible to get this info on your phone without any taps, if you find a gym with this kind of wired system.
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