Fabric supply in Chicago
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Where in or around Chicago can I buy 100% wool jersey fabric? I've found a couple places on-line, but strongly prefer to touch the fabric and verify the color in person before I drop $20+ per yard on it. I did not see any at Vogue on Roosevelt--they have suiting but I'm looking for a different drape than a wool twill.
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Have you tried Fishman? They're just North of the Vogue on Roosevelt, on the access road next to the highway. They have very nice (and expensive) fabric. The Vogue in Evanston is bigger than the Roosevelt location and may have more, but I'd call and ask before trekking up there.

My other go-to fabric store in Chicago is Discount Textile Warehouse in Pilsen, but I'm not sure they'd have what you're looking for. Before you go, note that they aren't open Saturdays.
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Vogue has some wool "crepe" online and various other weights/types. I'd be surprised if they didn't have it in store. Of course, I don't know how familiar you are with their stock in general -- did you ask someone to help or did you just look on your own? All the best fabric haunts around here will tell you over the phone if they have a particular kind of fabric in stock. I'd just start making phone calls.
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Also came to recommend Discount Textile Outlet in Pilsen. The place is huge. I have no idea if they have what you need, but I'd give them a call.
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I also recommend Fishman. They have a great selection of nicer garment fabric. Not cheap, though.
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