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So, lately I've been obsessed with the song "We would be so happy if ...," by Bristol-based band Thought Forms. [Alternate link.] There's something about the combination of soaring female vocals, heavy guitars, space, ambience, dynamics, and a fierce melodic sensibility that draws me back to this track, repeatedly.

I'm thinking particularly of where the track goes between 1.45-3.30.

So, where else can I go to scratch this itch? Imagine that I missed out on a lot of '80s-'90s gothy, 4AD-style music (which I dismissed as being too slow and a bit fey) and know practically nothing of Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance, etc. What would you recommend for someone looking to find more music like the linked track and explore similar territory in other bands' back catalogues? Thanks!

My profile should indicate what is and is not currently on my musical radar.
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That's a gorgeous song. You already have most of my usual suspects on your, but I didn't notice Pink Martini or Imperial Teen in there; maybe check them out? And definitely Cocteau Twins.
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Maybe Slowdive and other shoegazing/dreampop bands? Their album, Just for a Day, might be what you're looking for. Here's their song 'Brighter' (YouTube link) to give you an idea of what their music is like. It's very atmospheric, dreamy, with lots of crazy amplified guitars and reverberations going on. I think they used the peddle or whatever it is to get unusual effects.

Slowdive's Souvlaki is also very good.
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You seem to have a pretty good sampling in your profile already but maybe a little Pale Saints (who sort of had two incarnations, one a bit more experimental under Ian Masters, and then another that was a bit more poppy under Meriel Barham—based on all the Lush & Sing Sing you've been listening to, you might like the later stuff)?

Would My Bloody Valentine be too obvious?

More recently, School of Seven Bells?
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Thanks! Pink Martini, Imperial Teen, and Pale Saints are pretty much unknown to me, so I'll be checking them out. [Fires up Spotify.]

Slowdive's one of those bands I've never really given a fair run in the past. But yeah, they're exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks for the reminder.

And, yeah, of course: MBV. Who have a new album coming out this year, apparently!
based on all the Lush & Sing Sing you've been listening to
It's been a rough few days ...
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How about an earlier generation of Bristolians: Flying Saucer Attack.
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I love Flying Saucer Attack, misteraitch. Actually, they featured in my second-ever AskMe question ...
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Maybe Sigur Ros? (Not as heavy, but similar dynamics. Plus, a cool Enki Bilal vid!)
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You might like Catherine Wheel. "Ferment" and "Like Cats and Dogs" are two albums that have music in the same sort of vein - mind you with a male singer. I think their other albums are great too. Fripp is from their album "Chrome", but also fits the bill. If you like these, get "Chrome" and "Adam and Eve" as well and you can probably find "Happy Days" cheap. I wouldn't bother with "Wishville".

Talk Talk's album "Spirit of Eden" should also be on the list of stuff to listen to, as well.
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What about The Besnard Lakes? Try "Albatross" or "Devastation." I'd love to link their song "And This is What We Call Progress" but I can't find a good quality link.
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Cocteau Twins, can't go wrong there.

The last two Talk Talk records are incredible stuff. Today I prefer Laughing Stock, but it's close.

Nadja might be a good choice, heavy but also ethereal at points... (2, 3)

heavier still, with male vocals - one of my favorite bands, Rosetta. Check out the 2 disc Galilean Satellites. Each disc can be played separately or simultaneously, works either way. more on the metal side of things, though.
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