Custom Celtic Jewellery For Christmas
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Who can make me some custom celtic jewellery for my wife's christmas (my design, on a necklace)

Preferably in the UK, looking for someone who can take the small celtic design my wife and I share and fashion it into a small necklace/charm for a unique christmas present. Advice and recommendations appreciated.
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Hmm, not in UK but these folks in New Mexico do what you are seeking, it appears. So do these people in Illinois.

These people are in the UK but it isn't clear that they work from other's custom designs.

Duncan House looks like another UK option, as he says he takes commissions.
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Claddagh Design is run by a lovely woman (though it's her husband I know.) They do custom stuff specifically.
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Shapeways evidently does things in silver now and also does gold plating for their stainless steel. Note the jewelry section for examples.

You'd need to design it in 3D modeling software or have someone do it for you but many of those software packages like Blender or (formerly-Google) SketchUp are free.
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