NJ Governor Christie vs. teachers
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Help me find sources detailing NJ governor Chris Christie's contentious relationship with teachers and teachers' unions.

At dinner with my father in law tonight, the conversation drifted to Sandy, NJ, & Chris Christie. As a former NJ teacher, I made a comment referring to Christie's many contemptuous statements about teachers as well as his legislation limiting teacher pensions, tenure, and etc. My father in law bristled and insisted he'd never heard such nonsense. Now I'm looking for a single article that reviews the nature of Christie's relationship with teachers, hopefully one that is written from a point of view sympathetic to teachers. I've found lots of specific news articles but would prefer an overview. Thanks!
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I just Googled Christie + "teachers union" and got

Christie Dismembers Teachers' Union

Christie Tells Teachers to Cut the Crap

Christie Calls His State Teachers' Union 'Political Thugs'

It was the teachers' unions: Christie

Christie, Teachers' Union Chief Take Feud to a New Level

Christie Demands Ouster of Teachers' Union VP

...and many more. Doesn't seem like the evidence you need should be hard to find.

After Googling, search NJ.com, the Star Ledger website.
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You can probably find some good links on the New Jersey Teachers United Against Governor Chris Christie's Pay Freeze Facebook page.
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