Philately is to Stamps as ____ is to Rocks.
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Stamp collecting is philately. Coin collecting falls under numismatics (perhaps as a subdivision). Rock collecting is not really geology in the same way as the above terms are used. Is there a similar term for rock collecting?
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The ones I know call themselves rockhounds.
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The more technically-oriented rockhounds you could could mineralogists. But for the typical hobbyist-level rock collector, bukvich nailed it.
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Thirding rockhounding.
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Every rock club I've been in used "rockhounder."
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Actually, mineralogists are scientists who study minerals. Minerals are not rocks, they are inorganic crystalline solids. Rocks are composed of minerals. Mineralogy is a sub-discipline of geology.
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If they're doing things with the stones (slabbing, cabbing, carving, etc.) they can call themselves lapidaries.

Otherwise, nthing "rockhound".
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Yeah, we're rockhounds.
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