Bus from Albany/Corvallis to Portland?
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Does public transportation between Corvallis, OR (or Albany) and Portland, OR exist? A bus that ran at least a few times a day would be great, but I can't seem to find one. I know about the hut shuttle but I am looking for something less expensive.
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Looks like the Greyhound Portland to Sacramento route stops in Corvalis every day. Here's the ODOT Schedule, page 11.
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The Amtrak Cascades runs from Albany to Portland 6 times a day; they use a train in the morning and a bus in the afternoon (with the train heading south). $19 next Wednesday. Free Wifi and more comfortable than a bus. I think there's even a shuttle from Corvallis that connects on occasion, not quite sure how that works.
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Greyhound and Amtrak. If you go Amtrak, avoid the Coast Starlight - it is always late, often by many many hours.
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I second avoiding the Coast Starlight. Missed my event in Eugene a couple weeks ago because it was two hours late. The Amtrak bus on that route is almost always on time, clean, comfortable, much cheaper unless you book way in advance, and as pleasant as it's possible for a bus to be.
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The Valley Retriever also covers that route, but only once a day. Contacting the Corvallis Greyhound Terminal directly might turn up some other options.
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