Need a bathing suit in the cold tomorrow!
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Where can I buy a bathing suit tomorrow in Boston, MA?

Emergency bathing suit question! I need to buy a bathing suit/swimsuit in Boston tomorrow morning. Normally I'd just go to Target or Marshalls or the like, but since it's the off season and all the winter stuff is out I'm concerned about what my luck would be. The cheaper the better. Please, where are there still bathing suits on shelves in Boston? I have to get one tomorrow and really need help! A plus if it's in the downtown or near South Station.

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I'm not in Boston (but I am in chilly New England), but I saw bathing suits on the clearance rack at my local Target within the past 2 weeks.
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Sporting goods stores will have Speedo or Tyr suits. Perhaps not the style you're looking for, but they'll have a few. There are some stylish two piece racing suits too.

Unfortunately, they'll probably be at full price. At this time of year, they won't have any left over summer merchandise.
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Also, a lot of large department stores will have a small selection of them, especially if they're catering to people who might be going to, say, St Barths for Christmas. They won't be cheap, though. I'd call Nordstorm first.
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Pac Sun in Cambridge should definitely have a good selection.
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You might have luck at the Athleta store on Newbury St. I've never been to one of their brick & mortar stores, though, so I'm not sure how the selection will compare to their online one.
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City Sports would be worth a try, though, if I remember correctly, they are a little pricey for most of their stuff.
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Sports Authority in either Watertown or Somerville (both are accessible by bus) have swimsuits year round.
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There is a Macy's in Downtown Crossing. I'm not sure if they still have suits available given the season, but you could give them a call and ask (617-357-3000). They open at 9AM.
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Macy's and Lord and Taylor should have a small "resort" collection of swimsuits this time of year.
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Start with the Target clearance rack. Then, if price is no object, the resort collections.
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TJ Maxx on Washington St.
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