Help finding a catsitter in SF
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Anyone have a recommendation for a catsitter in San Francisco? I have yet to find one here since moving and I don't want to keep asking a friend to come by. Feels like I'm taking advantage.

As per Metafilter "guidelines", here are the kitties. :)
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I usually pay my friends (or buy them a nice dinner/several rounds of drinks).
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Amaire, that's a good idea and will do that going forward, but harder around the holidays when my friends are elsewhere visiting family as well. What do you do for the holidays?
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Check your MeFi mail.
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If you google for dogwalkers in your area, they usually have services where they do pet sitting or just coming over periodically to play with your pets while you're gone (i.e. they're not just dogwalkers).

Your kitties are so cute!
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Our downstairs neighbors have a catsitter they love - I'll get his name and contact info from him. I'm pretty sure they found him through their vet, which seems to be a common source of catsitters!
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Mission: Cats.
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Pet boarding (as linked by Zug) - but it's expensive. In SF I would also try TaskRabbit and Exec.
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Yeah, I am using exec for my cat sitting needs. It works well for me because it's employer subsidized--$25/hr with a min of 45 minutes per task is a little steep, but my exec was willing to take a week of catsitting on as a single task and break it up with pauses, which does avoid the minimum fee issue and would make it affordable even without a subsidy. She's even uploading photos of her visit to the exec site. Otoh, you can't pick and choose your exec, so you don't get a relationship with a particular sitter built up...a disadvantage of the exec model, I think, and one I hope they address.
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