Big, long triangles - my googl-fu failed!
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Asking for my sister, where can we find these button things?

My sister is obsessed with this jacket and is trying to DIY. My girlfriend recommended this tutorial for her, and since I can find anything on the internet she asked me to help her find the triangle things. Sew on gems, flat back, embellishments? My google-fu has failed me. I can only find small ones like these, these, these

The ones in the pic are long and big! Please help!
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One possibility is that those are wooden shapes and are drilled like beads. I have seen "natural" look wood beads that size and thickness in several bead shops over the years. If you can find the beads they could be painted.

It would depend if you want the "gem" look or the Matte look.

You could also do something similar with poly-clay. Lots of color options and you can create your own shapes.
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I would try to make those out of resin using molds like this or this. And a non-etsy source. That way she would have control over the color, etc.
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Not to thread-sit, but we are not worried about the color. She's going to spray paint them matte colors. But if we do make the things out of wood or resin with what drill bit do a drill the holes on the resin pieces? Won't it shatter?
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You might want to cut out paper pieces and then find a polymer clay to make the pieces. Blick sells THIS, but there may be cheaper, lighter and more appropriate type things for your project if you think this is not practical.

Also, do you live in NYC? You can find reminants from the factories for cheap, but you may or may not find as many pieces as you would like in the same shapes.
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theres a trick to drilling through the drill in reverse and use it as a grinder...that way the teeth of the bit won't grab the plastic and crack it...go slow...
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Great help guys! Just wanted to let you know I found an Etsy shop that may work for us - GShop8
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