MixCD burning with tracknames?
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So reading this older question. Doesn't seem to be any resolution to the issue?? Or it can't be done? I just did two things. One, burn my mix straight out of iTunes. Other mac's don't read the cd info, nor does a winxp box (Media Player). Second, tried using Toast Titanium, with DOA checked, CD-TEXT checked, and all the song names are there filled in. Still nothing on another mac or pc. I know this can be done with pro cd-mastering/burning software, but that's costs money money. Any ideas? Or is this a dead end?
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The player application has to be CD-TEXT aware, and not many are. Windows Media Player is not, and I don't think iTUnes is. I'm pretty sure that Exact Audio Copy is if your drive supports reading it.
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Most apps get the track information from CDDB, by querying a database over the internet. In fact, if you put in a CD while disconnected from the 'net, you also probably won't see anything.

As far as I know.
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zsazsa, ah that would make sense then. Lame them as the people i'm sending this too either use iTunes or MediaPlayer, neither recognize cd-text.

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You would do Advanced > Submit CD Track Names in iTunes to submit the track names to the CDDB, btw.
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As a side note, there's a program for OSX called iEatBrainz that will use the MusicBrainz database (which looks up individual tracks by 'audio signature', i.e. what it sounds like, rather than using CD timings like CDDB) to update iTunes tags. It's quite a bit slower than CDDB, about 1 song every 20-30 seconds or so, but it was surprisingly accurate, probably 95% on my untagged songs. YMMV.
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