Pale red head seeks halloween costume ideas...
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I'm tall, thin, pale, and short dark red hair. I have a great wardrobe and a floor-length black hooded cape. What can I be for Halloween? V1.36(million) with some limitations...

I can't do any heavy full-face makeup due to time constraints. Heavy eye makeup is fine, but that's it really. Props are an issue as well because of time (i.e. no time to grab them), and I can't carry a ton of stuff with me as my day is packed (class, work, then class again and then RIGHT to the party). I can drop things off though, so I wouldn't say I'm limited to carrying NOTHING. I've already thought of Columbia from RHPS, but I don't have time to grab the hat or find shorts that work. :(

I think that's it. Again, I have a pretty great wardrobe, but I just can't think of much right now. I need ideas, STAT! (My original Halloween costume failed at the last minute... I swear I'm not just being lazy here!)
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Wow - you're classy, elegant and gorgeous and no doubt, others will suggest some fabulous characters -- but please, for me, would you be April Winchell from Regretsy?

All you need is a flip flop (you could make it out of paper and markers if you really had to) and a pink ribbon (cut it from the bottom of an old tee shirt if you have one.) Wear some black, and make some fingerless gloves out of off-white socks, draw the mustache on and strike that pose. If you can print the portrait of Phil Spector and tape it behind your head, bonus. And if you can make a bunch of crappy crafts and hand them out, that would be perfect.
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Floor length black hooded cape, pale skin = vampire. I know it's not the most creative idea, but I think you would look fabulous. Do dark eye makeup, and pick up some fangs - the type that are just two teeth - at a drugstore (I've seen them in many drugstores this year). Use denture glue to keep them in instead of whatever the package contains, it works better.
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April is great--I know her irl, and she's also done the Cruella deVille voice for the TV series, which might be an inspiration. Just spray a white forelock and be glam.
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Diana from the V remake. Somehow have a little bit of lizard skin some place perhaps?
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Cruella DeVille.
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Tamsin Greig
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Long black dress, a bit of pale base, Morticia!
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You should be Mary Crawley from Downton Abbey because you look just like her!
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I don't suppose you have tight shiny pants and shirt? you would make an amazing Trinity
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Jessica from True Blood?
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Olive Oyl.
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Honestly, my first thought was Ginny Weasley.
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