Help me clone this T-shirt.
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This is my favourite T-Shirt of all time. I live in terror of it wearing out. Where can I find another one?

It's made by Smith Optics and I bought it in Moab, Utah in 2007 or 2008 I think. On the side there is text which reads 'When peace is drawn point blank'. There are some super-nasty knockoffs on the web, but I cannot for the life of me find another original. Help!

(Used is fine. This is an XL, but the fit is very slim).
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I would set up an ebay alert with the text, in case it happens to show up at some point.
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It looks like something from Threadless. I'm just guessing, I could be way off.
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Does it have to be an original? Why not take your current one into a custom T shop and get them to make a few copies.
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Um, just to suggest the so-obvious-it's-easily-missed . . . . have you looked on the tag to see if there's any info on who actually makes the shirt?

Looking at the Smith Optics website, it seems like quite a few of their men's T-shirts are 50/50 cotton/poly blend from American Apparel, example: here.

So maybe try out a plain AA shirt to see if it's the right feel and fit, and if so then you could undoubtedly get a custom shop or local printer to "clone" it.
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