Help me out with my fantasy basketball auction draft!
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I'm participating in my first fantasy basketball league (I've done FFB) and another first for me is the auction draft. Help me not look like a fool.

I don't have an excessive knowledge of basketball. It's never been my game. I've read some of the auction strategy guides and that all say to make this list and that list but I need help assembling a list and knowing how much to pay for different players. Can you help me make some smart choices as I go through draft night?
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If you feel you're too unfamiliar with the individual players to construct your own list, I'd just grab the auction values list from's fantasy page and use that.

This list gives player values in the far right hand column. Just be aware that you should use those numbers as a rough guide, not set-in-stone rules. Also be aware that the values might be different for your league depending on the number of teams and/or the total amount your commissioner allots each team to spend.

I'd grab that list, sit out a couple of rounds of bidding to see how your league's numbers match up with those on the list, and then wade in.
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I haven't done an auction draft for Fantasy BB, but it you'll almost certainly get better advice if you offer more of your league settings (i.e. is it H2H or Roto? What categories? What are the roster settings?)
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It's certainly going to depend on the scoring of your league and what website is running it, but if they have any kind of rankings in their system, that can help significantly. For example, I just did a draft for a league that would give you their internal ranking, then where that player had been drafted, so you'd have two datapoints. Couple with a quick google search for that player's name to check injury status and you could do okay.
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