PC repair in Seattle to breath life into my desktop box
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Recommendations for desktop diagnosis/repair in (North) Seattle? My newly-(self)built box will not POST.

I've put together a PC box from Newegg parts that will not POST. I've built a number of times before w/o issues, but this has me defeated and I'm seeking professional help. Where in Seattle, preferably in the north, should I take my doorstop for diagnosis?

To forstall advice on how I might solve this myself, rest assured I have done many and varied things trying to resolve this including paring things back to the bare minimum, swapping out power supply, breadboarding it out of the case, RMAing the motherboard, verifying memory has been tested with the mobo (and tried two kinds of memory at that) and many, many more.

I'm hoping for a quick diagnosis from somebody who knows what they're doing and has the capacity to swap parts out.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Hard Drives Northwest should be able to get you running.
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ideas that you probably tried, but there's a chance you didn't...
- does the monitor work on a different machine?
- if using a video card does it work in another machine?
- power correct to motherboard and video card?
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I really like Innovative Geeks. I've been using them for 3 years. They've always fixed the problem. Fast and not too expensive. And free parking.
Good luck.
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Thank you both - I'll have to decide if an expedition to the east side is in order or to head north.

anon4now - to answer your questions (wait, who's askme is this anyway?): yes, yes and yes (although I can only check raw voltages as I do not have a scope). Thanks for trying, but I'm truly beyond doing it myself.
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Hard Drives Northwest had it ficured out in about 2 minutes and fixed in 10. Thanks for the help.
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