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Is there a case that can hold both my Apple Bluetooth Keyboard and not allow buttons to be pressed? I carry this around with me and use it habitually in tandem with my laptop and magic trackpad because they save me considerable finger, neck, and wrist pain. However, because of how I store the keyboard in my Timbuk2 Command size medium messenger bag (in the red sleeve flush against my laptop), the buttons get pressed, and the battery degrades when it isn't in use (by me). Does anybody have suggestions for how to get past this?
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I turn mine off
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That's a very easy solution.

I would still like a case though so I could keep the keyboard in the main section of my bag and be able to take it out more quickly. Anybody know of some neoprene or leather type sleeves or cases? I like the keyboard sleeve here on SFbags, but I'm sure there are other things out there of which I am unaware, especially since it never crossed my mind that I could just turn off the fucking keyboard when traveling.
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I have this sleeve. Works fine. There are other styles available.
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Etsy is another source for cases for keyboards.
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I bought my wife a folding keyboard for her tablet computer to solve the exact same problem. It isn't an apple product but I bet it works just fine.
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