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There's a strange poster that's been posted all over my neighborhood in Vancouver. I can't figure out whether it's viral marketing, obscure religious propaganda or somebody's strange idée fixe. Can you help me figure out what it means?

I've seen this poster all over the West End and also along the Broadway corridor, dozens of them. It is in black and white and appears to have been run off on somebody's home printer.

The poster has a round picture of a starfield at the top. Below that is the following text:

3000 4000

That is all. Any idea what this might mean? Somebody clearly feels very strongly about it.
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There's a new sci-fi tv show called Continuum that takes place in Vancouver, so it's probably advertising for it.
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I have my doubts that's it -- that show came out earlier this year and is 10 episodes in already. And the years it concerns are 2077 and 2012...
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Perhaps someone who is into the Continuum Movement? There was recently an event/retreat in Vangroovy.
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It's the product of a whackadoo, of someone who took an big dose of a substance that had no business interacting with the central nervous system and then had an epiphany that was too profound for the poor pathetic syntax of the English language to capture.
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there is an apartment in the West End that has a giant sign/poster in the window, something about continuum and beyond. i see it everyday, but have not seen the others you mentioned. hmmm.
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OK, I've got a hypothesis now.

The Continuum Movement sounds about right in terms of tone and ideology. However, the poster looks like it was hand printed -- very unprofessional. Also, it contains no information about how to get in touch with the movement or when its events take place, weird for any minimally organized group.

So, my hypothesis is that these were posted by an individual adherent of this group, a somewhat flaky person who wants to spread the good news without much of a clear idea how to do so.

Thanks for helping me feel less perplexed.
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