Recommend me blogs or other websites devoted to family history and stories
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I'm looking for examples of good blogs or other websites devoted to family history and stories. What sites do you guys like?

I want to develop a website where my father and I can tell and organize stories about his parents and a few other other members of his family. Eventually I want to develop and publish a book based on the content, and I think blogging might be a good way to start. I've created many websites and am comfortable with the tech and design stuff, but I've never blogged before. Likewise, I've written creatively but I've done very little historical or biographical writing.

Initially the blog entries will probably appear in standard blog form -- reverse chronological order as they are posted -- but as the content develops I want to have a good plan for reorganizing it in other ways. I have also a bunch of diaries, letters, music, photos and digitized 8mm films that I may try to leverage, somehow. And lastly, I have an online, semi-private family tree that I may or may not want to merge into this project.

Having looked around a little, I'm still looking for examples of well-developed online family narratives and historical accounts. Most of what I've seen is either too rudimentary or just structured very differently due to being not focused on the same topics.

What web sites in this vein do you guys like?
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I don't have a particular web site, but you might find one you like through the TNG forum. TNG (The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding) is a genealogy program designed for building websites. Under the CMS integration section of the forum, users discuss integrating TNG with other programs. I don't know jack about e107, Joomla, or phpNuke, but WordPress integrations typically include a blog.
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Response by poster: Ah, I've worked with TNG before and I forgot to look through their forums. The Member Webpages sub-forum is also a likely place to look, but I'll look through both sub-forums. The member sites are probably all genealogy-heavy, but maybe I'll find a gem or two. Appreciated.
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Response by poster: Bah, no one else?

Oh well, no hard feelings. I'll be here to help others in the future if anyone happens to have anything to ask and I happen to have anything to share.
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