How to root, upgrade to jelly bean, and carrier unlock my galaxy nexus SC-04D locked to docomo?
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How to root, upgrade to jelly bean, and carrier unlock my galaxy nexus SC-04D locked to docomo?

My end goal is to be rooted, running jelly bean 4.1, and sim card unlocked so I can use my phone anywhere in the world.

Which order do I have to do things in, first root, then upgrade to jelly bean, then sim card unlock? And how do I do these things exactly? best online guides?
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XDA-Developers's forums for the Nexus.

XDA Developers is the go-to site for technical information about android devices; it's named for the XDA, which was hte first HTC device to hit the US market, and tends to focus on HTC devices in principle, but all that Android knowledge can't help but spill over into the other android devices. Depending on your interest level, that place can be a real time-sink, but you will find a pile of information written by smart people. Good luck!

Oh, and for your new ROM, I recommend Cyanogen Mod, which i think is v10 these days. Superb replacement for the stock ROM on any device.
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XDA forums for Galaxy Nexus. Check each of the sub-forums for the Nexus, there are probably a couple different guides pinned to the top of general, development, and Q&A. Of interest is this question.

There's also this.
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Response by poster: Also, though, what order do I want to do these in? Root, Cyanogen, unlock, right?
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Yes, first you root then you install the new firmware (such as cyanogenmod). You can't install firmware yourself without rooting first.

If you are SIM-unlocking as shown in the video, then do that last. The method shown requires you to root first. If you are permanently SIM-unlocking with a different method you can do that any time.

FWIW, I upgraded to Jelly Bean last night. The improvements are really minor, nothing to get too excited about.
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