NYC Marathon- Sitting Room for Spectators
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I'm planning to attend the NYC Marathon as a spectator. I'm hoping to find a spot somewhere between the mile 20 & 21 posts (in the Bronx) where I can have a chair and a baby stroller. Will there be room?

I've attended several years in several different spots (Long Island City, UES, Finish Line), but never in the Bronx, so I'm not sure if there will be room to sit and have the baby in his stroller without feeling crowded. For those that have run the course or attended in this area, what do you think? If there won't be room in that area, where else might there be room? I plan to get there bright and early.
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I've never viewed the marathon from the Bronx, but I can't imagine there'd be thick spectators gathered in advance throughout the entire run, at least outside midtown manhattan. I'd imagine you'd be good if you arrived even 30 minutes before.

Also, be careful; pickpockets and other petty criminals are attracted to crowds who might let down their guard a bit (this is not anti-Bronx paranoia; I love the Bronx).
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The Bronx is largely crickets. You should not have any problem up there.
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Yeah, the Bronx is usually pretty empty. Another good spot is the upper 90s on first Ave. I was there with a stroller and plenty of room a few years ago (saw the leading men fly past, so we were there at a good time).
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Yeah, I ran it last year. You'll definitely be able to find a spot that will work. Though it wasn't crickets when I ran, it was actually pretty fun up in the Bronx. I think the people tried to be extra loud to make up for the fact that there were less of them.
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