Where to brunch in NYC?
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What's your favorite place for brunch in New York City?

We're looking for recommendations for good Sunday brunch spots. All-you-can-drink Sunday drinks (Mimosas, etc) are a definite plus, but are not required. Will travel interborough for good Eggs Benedict.
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Response by poster: Places to avoid are also helpful. I could certainly share some of those, if anyone is interested.
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I used to go to Bubby's a few years ago, OK food but unsufferable yuppie atmosphere. I guess it's still there, it may be worth checking out -- I'd rather go to Veselka in the East Village though. but what I really like is greasy el-cheapo diners
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Eight mile creek on mulberry does a good brunch. I usually go to the el cheapo diners too though.
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Response by poster: The names of good el cheapo diners are allowed in this thread, too! ::so says I, Queen of the Thread!::
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any other criteria? good brunches abound in almost any nabe. my personal go-tos are french places: nice matin, le monde, french roast, belleville, etc.

see also: kitchenette, popover's (get the popovers with fresh strawberry butter. expensive, but undeniably tasty)
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Response by poster: Sorry, the question really isn't more specific than that. We just like to eat brunch every Sunday and are always looking for new places to try. The last few new places we've tried have been bad (bad service, food, atmosphere- you name it, we've had it).
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There's a great place called "Flea Market" near (just on the west side) of Tompkins Square Park (8th and Ave A). They do brunch until 5 PM, and their eggs benedict are some of the best I've ever eaten. Their french toast is also "teh" hotness. It's $12.50 including coffee and juice, so it's more than most, but definitely not out of the ballpark for a Sunday feast.

I love the decor, the waitstaff, and the food. The flea market theme means that much (all?) of the tchotchkys that line the walls / booths are for sale.

Hipsters mob up around "7A" half a block away, but I've never been there.
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My favorite is Five Points. Also good is Village, on 9th Street.
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Seriously, when in a big and new city; you can literally follow your nose. Well, not to a dumpster (heh) but if good smells are wafting out the door; odds are the food inside is going to be nothing but better.
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Balthazar's in SoHo. fantastic.
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I have to go back to Veselka!

The Viand on 86th is a great diner but hard to get into on Sundays. Also the Skylight at 34th and 9th.

The one I've been dying to try is the "chocolate brunch" at Seppi's in the Parker Meridien.
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Veselka and Flea Market are both great recommendations! (Veselka in general- I don't even know if they have a brunch, though)

My favorite brunch stop is La Palapa, a great Mexican (very much not Tex-Mex) joint on St. Mark's. Really amazing food at a reasonable price, with great coffee and outdoor tables. Doesn't get much better than that.
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Rue 57 at 57th and (I think) 6th is one to avoid. Not bad per se, but just not terribly great for what you're paying.

My girlfriend and I really like Enid's in Greenpoint, which is a bit of a hassle to get to from where we live in Astoria, but always winds up being totally worth it. It's a hipster hangout, but they're the friendly, down-to-earth, non-snobbish variety. There's usually a brief wait, but grab a cuppa coffee from the carafe that's always on, and it'll go by fast. The menu is good and Southern-inflected, and they serve the best Bloody Marys I've ever had: get yours with the homemade pepper-infused vodka.
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...and when the line at enid's is too long and full of annoying hipsters, walk over to lola's.

but enid's is good, not terribly expensive and yes the bloody mary is damned tastey. they do offer free coffee and water to the people waiting for tables. the djs can be irritating tho.
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Haven't lived in NYC for a few years, but I have fond memories of:
Friend of a Farmer on Irving Place south of Gramercy Park -- recommend baked goods especially (warning: long lines, go early!)
The Cupping Room on W. Broadway in Tribeca -- for me, the highlight is the cornmeal pancakes
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Sarabeth's on Central Park South.
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I know I already said Prune, but at Prune, they put a piece of beef jerky in the bloody marys. Prune is the best place. WHAT CAN YOUR PRECIOUS ENIDS DO NOW? The other problem with Enid's is that they always run out of the good stuff by like 1pm. So you sit down at 1:30 and are like, "I'll have the hash" (when they have the potato leek hash and eggs that's my favourite thing) and it's out. by your mentioning of 'all you can drink sunday drinks', I assume you know about Essex? If not, Essex: $12 brunch includes all you can drink mimosas and bloody marys.

Is there a G stop in astoria? One of the best brunch spots down here is Moto, and it's right by the Broadway G, which might not be that annoying for you to get to. Moto is awesome. It's no Prune, but it's pretty awesome. It makes you feel like your eating at some place near a youth hostel in europe, except its the movie, way-better-than-reality version of the same. The only thing bad about it is they don't have american coffee and if you order an americano you don't get free refills.
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n+1 for five points...you'll probably need a reservation though.

I would have said Time Cafe, but they've closed indefinitely.
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Chestnut on Smith St in Brooklyn is fantastic. Best steak and eggs I've ever had. Beso on 5th Ave and Union in Park Slope has fantastic heuvos rancheros and great margaritas/mimosas. Rosewater on 6th Ave and Union (I think) in Park Slope is also fantastic and their brunch menu is unique (no egg dishes, as I recall). Oh, and on 5th Ave in Brooklyn in the other direction, you can't go wrong with Presto on Carroll/5th, Stone Park on 1st/5th and Belleville on like 4th/5th Ave.
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I second the Popover Cafe (87th and Amsterdan) and Sarabeth's. There are three Sarabeth's now (80th and Amsterdam and inside the Whitney Museum on the UES), by the way. Get a scone, and try the Four Flowers juice.

I live on the Upper West Side, also known as the neighborhood of endless brunch. Between 80th and 87th on Amsterdam we have: Nice Matin, Sarabeth's, EJ's Luncheonette, Good Enough to Eat, Barney Greengrass, and the Popover Cafe.

I'm also a fan of Shopsin's and Pastis (excellent french toast and eggs sardou). I've also heard good things about Jane, Rivington Baking Company, and 'ino. Here's also New York Magazine's list of Critic's Picks for brunch.
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The names of good el cheapo diners are allowed in this thread, too!

Try B & H Dairy on 2nd Ave. at St. Marks (down the street from Veselka). I wouldn't go with more than a few people as space is at a premium, especially if you want to sit at a table. The challah french toast is delicious.
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Kitchenette! The one on the UWS (122 and Amsterdam) is excellent. They serve some big portions of good comfort food-style brunch. I believe they also have a restaurant in TriBeCa.
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EAT on the upper East Side Side - my father goes every time he's in NY.
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EEEEEK. My friend just told me to post that she thinks Balthazar is horrible! She found an industrial staple in her food! They just brought her back the food without the staple. She's thinking of joining Metafilter just to post this comment. I think that recommendation might be a no go.
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Yeah, Kitchenette's my favorite brunch spot- I go to the one by City Hall (sorry, I can't recall the intersection, but it's a block south of the Chambers St. 1/2/3/9 stop). Really terrific, but tiny, so expect to wait.

Beso in Park Slope always baffles me. I live around the corner, and it's always empty for dinner but packed for weekend brunch.

Norma's in the Parker Meridien, is considered by many to be the best brunch in town. I'm not convinced, but it's very good, and the best brunch spot to take someone you want to impress. They also have a $1000 omelet.

Bubby's is overrated, and their DUMBO location is ass.

You can't go wrong with Veselka's.
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Cafe Mogador in St. Marks does a great variety of Benedicts. Their Moroccan rocks my taste buds mightily and I highly recommend it. It's good for dinner, too.
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I had a great brunch a few months ago at Cafe Gray in Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle. It's pretty expensive, but the food and selection are great, and the views are pretty nice too.
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Grange Hall used to garnish their bloodies with a pickled string bean and it was the best thing. It's gone now but I bet Blue Mill which replaced it has a nice brunch.
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I'm with jeb: Prune Prune Prune Prune Prune.

IANANY but I visit a few times a year and I never miss a chance to eat there. I love the vibe, the food, the wait staff. Somehow I always end up eating near the hostess; watching her handle the hipsters is always great fun.
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Oh, and, sorry, I find Prune a nightmare at brunch.

And Balthazar is a tourist trap.
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i am reluctant to tell people about my favorite tiny spot, but tartine on W 11th and W 4th has amazing eggs benedict. and it's cheap. and tiny. get there early for a table outside. (dinner is good too, and it's BYOW, no corking fee.)

also recommended is danal. on 10th st. btw 3rd and 4th aves. sort of on the trendy side if that kind of thing annoys you, but delicious, distinct food and nice cozy country-like atmosphere.
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Places I've enjoyed brunch in Manhattan (ignoring rest of thread above, so expect duplicates), in alphabetical order:

Barney Greengrass
Cafe Botanica
Coffee Shop
EJ's Luncheonette
Park Avalon/Blue Water Grill (same menu)
Pick-A-Bagel on 57th and 6th (not a brunch, per se, but good brunch food)
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You realize that this is a self-defeating question, right?

Anyone who has a good place to go for brunch won't actually tell you what it is without killing you afterwards (or possibly just cutting out your tongue and breaking your thumbs), because the most desirable quality of a good brunch place is that it's not overly crowded with idiots who don't know how to find their own brunch place.

This is New York - half the fun is pounding the pavement to find out for yourself.
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Response by poster: Well, obviously Caviar, most of the people who posted in this thread didn't think so, now did they? But thanks for the... time you spent on your answer? Whatever.

Thanks for tips, everyone- I'm really excited about all the options you've provided!
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um... actually caviar's right... e.g. I gave a good answer but not a great answer. as did many, from my experiences with some of the other places mentioned...
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No, Caviar is right. I felt guilty about only posting those two, but, there it is.
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Pick a Bagel is at 57th and 7th. Viand also has locations at 78th and Madison, 86th and 2nd and Broadway and 75th. I wasn't there at breakfast/ brunch, but Clinton St. Baking Co.'s-- 4 Clinton near Houston-- menu looked good.
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Response by poster: You are all so mean. ::sob sob::
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Okay, I'll let you in on the real secret.

Find someone you know who knows a good brunch place, and tell them you want to get together for brunch. While they won't tell you what it is if you flat out ask, they may bring you there. If this honor is bestowed upon you by someone, please extend the same courtesty of discretion.
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